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You need To Protect Your Home.
Our Homes are filled with electronics. Appliances, TVs, VCRs, Computers and other electronic devices employ microprocessors that are easily damaged by common power surges. It only takes a lightning storm near your home to create a high energy electrical surge that can enter your home and destroy your valuable electronic investments.
Proper protection from electrical disturbances is the responsibility of the home owner. Bullet Proofing your entire home from external electrical surges is best accomplished where the electric, telephone, and cable lines enter your home. installing surge protection at this location(the breaker Panel or fuse box) prevents any intruding surge from reaching your valuable electronic equipment. Don't leave your home exposed when there is a safe, convenient and reliable solution.

What Are Power Disturbances?
Power disturbances are sudden voltage and current increases(surges and Spikes)that travel through your electrical, telephone and cable lines. this unwanted electrical energy causes equipment damage.
Surges result from external power sources, including massive energy impulses created by lightning, utility load switching and even other users on the power system.Surges can also result from power disturbances within your home from appliances such as freezers, air conditioners and power tools.

Why is a Surge Strip Insufficient Protection?
Many people mistakenly belive that a surge strip will protect their sensitive electronic equipment. Inexpensive surge strips offer minimal surge protection and protection is limited to the equipment plugged into the strip. in addition, most strips do not offer surge protection for telephone or cable lines and leave your equipment vulnerable.


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