Beware of

They Stole $2000.00 from My Family

I can see from many sources that stealing is one of pricelines ways to show a profit! Once these bastards have your credit card number your bank account is fair game calling there customer service number in India. 1-800-340-0575, will get you an idiot that dont give a damm! If you want a dirty moldy wet hotel room with blood stained and hole filled sheets look at the links below. Also see unauthorized charges to your credit card, ghost rental cars, and airline connections that are impossible to make!

To get in communication with the people that really stole your money, use the list below. Incorporated

800 Connecticut Ave.

Norwalk, CT 06854-9998

Company Web Site Phone: 203-299-8000

Fax: 203-299-8948

Are you a customer who would like to give your feedback to our management team? Call the little bastard directly!

Jeffery H. Boyd President and Chief Executive Officer Ext: 8668 Cheif Theif.

Mitch Truwit Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Ext: 8666 #2 Theif

Robert J. Mylod Jr. Chief Financial Officer Ext: Credit/Debit Card Hacker

Peter J. Millones Jr. Executive Vice President and General Counsel Ext: 8398 Dirt Ball Lawyer!

Ronald V. Rose Chief Information Officer Ext: 8137 Promotes Priceline Myths!

Thomas P. D'Angelo Chief Accounting Officer and Controller Credit/Debit Hacking Assistant

Brett Keller Chief Marketing Officer Ext: 8175 Shines William Shatners ????

Christopher L. Soder Executive Vice President, Lodging and Vacation Products Ext: 8142

Glenn D. Fogel Senior Vice President, International Ext: 8126

Lisa Gillingham Senior Vice President, Customer Service and Operations Ext:8375 Provides Training and Scripts For those Smartmouth Reps. Never, Ever Returns Calls. Feels Guilty cause she is!

Board of Directors Jeffery H. Boyd President and Chief Executive Officer, Ralph M. Bahna Chairman of the Board, President of Masterworks Development Corp. Howard W. "Skip" Barker, Jr. Former Partner, KPMG LLP, Jeffrey E. Epstein Former Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, VNU Media Measurement and Information Group (MMI) Patricia L. Francy Treasurer and Controller, Columbia University James M. Guyette President and Chief Executive Officer, Rolls-Royce North America Inc. Edmond Tak Chuen Ip Executive Director of Cheung Kong (Holdings) Limited Dominic Kai Ming Lai Executive Director of Hutchison Whampoa Limited Marshall Loeb Columnist and Member of Advisory Board, CBS Nancy B. Peretsman Managing Director and Executive Vice President of Allen & Company Inc. Ian F. Wade Group Managing Director of Hutchison Whampoa Limited's A.S.Watson & Co., Limited